Maxillofacial Surgery by an interdisciplinary team

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Maxillofacial Surgery by an interdisciplinary team

Our Oral and Maxillofacial Center

MAXILONET, our center of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, approaches its first anniversary. Since its inception, we have rooted in our three centers in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, and we have also crossed the border of Andorra in order to treat some particular cases. We conduct several thesis works in research areas such as implantology and orthognathic surgery, among others. For those who already know us, this is an update of our current status in the field of dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery. For those who do not know us yet, this is our little visit card: we are always open to different possibilities of professional collaboration.


MAXILONET is a team that started with a group of oral and maxillofacial surgeons from the Vall d’Hebró Hospital of Barcelona, although they continued their training in other Spanish and foreign institutions. However, since then, this team maintains various levels of collaboration with other health professionals: dentists with different specialties (orthodontics, periodontics, prosthetics and aesthetic), physicians from different areas (otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, cosmetic surgeons), speech therapists and physiotherapists.


This project started in the summer of 2015.


The main assistance coverage is currently the metropolitan area of Barcelona, although more coverage is foreseen in the next year.


Together, we perform treatments covering areas from general oral surgery to more specific topics. Among them, orthognathic surgery, facial trauma, oncology of head and neck, sleep disorders, pediatric craniofacial deformities and cosmetic surgery (for more information on treatments, please check our web). Mainly, our job is to assist in different areas of dental and oral health. However, our team members have a broader field of expertise and they perform different research tasks (advanced implantology, probiotics, prostheses and in vitro studies in animals, etc.), as well as lecturing in these and other related fields.


MAXILONET was born as an initiative to bring together the skills of several surgeons who, until then, had been working on their own, and thus form a team of specialists who complement each other, in which each has a particular area of expertise. In this way, we managed to cover all facets of the spectrum of this specialty. Our vocation is to gradually increase our relationship with different units and clinics in order to expand our network of interdisciplinary collaboration in medical care, lecturing and research, both in a timely manner or on a regular basis.


In our daily practice of medicine, we often missed the ability to make truly interdisciplinary treatments. On the contrary, multidisciplinary treatments were the most common practice. The main difference is that in interdisciplinary practice, professionals have a true interrelationship between them; they contrast different perspectives of the same problem and discuss together the best treatment possible, while multidisciplinary teams work in a more independent and disconnected way. On the other hand, we organize courses and actively participate in symposia, conferences and courses nationally and internationally, and carry out different lines of research with the International University of Catalonia (UIC) and the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM).


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